This might be considered as continuation from my post before.

I'm feeling a strong hate right now. I'm also really angry, and upset. I know I shouldn't let that bitch make me feel like this, but here I am, frowning over my massive dislike towards that person.

I also know people say that hatred just makes you tired, mentally, physically. But I can do nothin about his. In fact, I really dont know how should I get rid of this.

Can someone help me?

No. I guess I'm alone this time.


I just don't feel right, and so lonely too.

Hate my life at the moment.

And I hate that bitch.


L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE in JAKARTA, 2 Mei 2012

9 years I've been waiting for them, and the dream came true on May 2nd, 2012, at Lapangan D Senayan... L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour at Jakarta!


I'd been preparing all the things to bring to the location, from a small bag, a power bank (in case my BlackBerry died), a plastic bag (to protect my electronic devices if it rained), tissue (cuz people are talking about how nasty the toilets there in the venue), money, rain coat, and of course, my ticket. Everything was ready. I was ready.

I was awaken at 3.30 am. Couldn't sleep anymore after that, no matter how hard I tried. This really made me worried, since I hadn't had a good sleep for four nights in a row. How if I fainted during the concert? How if I can't concentrate? And many other "hows", showing my worries....

Around 6am, I checked my BB and found an sms from Renji, telling us that 1000 first people who come to the venue, either regular or premium, will be given a priority wrist band. This just made me panicking more, because my ride will be at 1pm. That would be so damn LATE. So I decided to find another ride, and thankfully, Dennis "Ahou" told me he went with Mbak Sandy, and I could go with them. At around 9am, I had already in their car, getting some sleep before a long, hectic day.

We arrived at 10pm. Lapangan D was already full with people! OMG, who actually guess they would come this EARLY?? I'm so worried I'd run out of priority band. But no worry, this band, in the end, didn't have any use at all. :)

Around 12, the Q for merchandise booth outside the prefunction area was sooooo long already! I went in to the Q, just for a pack of light stick (IDR 100.000) and the eco-bag (IDR 150.000), and I need around 2 hours to get them! Crazy! With the sun right above our heads, I think I was gonna blacked out! Then, after I secured my merchandises, I went to find a toilet with some friends before we Qed behind the Gate 1.

The Q for Gate 1 was beyond horrible. 30 minutes felt too long, while my back stiffened and breath was more difficult. Too many people there! When the gate was opened, people from behind were pushing like crazy! I REALLY THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE, but of course, that didn't happen, or else I won't be here, writing this report! :))

Btw, let's not talk about the Q, because, just trust me, the Q was totally dreadful, and you don't wanna know about it.

So after that, 6.30 pm, I confirmed my position right behind the Premium - VIP separator, although it was a bit to the left, but still okay. Certainly I would get quite a lovely view from there!

One thing that worried all people that time was the weather. The sky was dark and cloudy, sometimes it drizzled and some people put their rain coat (including me). Near 8 pm, the time which scheduled for the show to initiate, there was a startling announcement, which said, "If it rains heavily and thunder rumblings, the band will postponed the show until the weather gets better. Thank you."
DAMN HELL, of course this really scared us!!! So the crowds started calling the band name, "L'Arc~en~Ciel! L'Arc~en~Ciel! L'Arc~en~Ciel!"
and..... here it was, the show began!

It opened with a video of Hyde being some kind of a robot, then continue to their opening video which shows the city they will visit during the World Tour 2012. When it comes to Jakarta, the audiences screamed! Then WHAM! The members appeared on the stage, performing "Ibara no Namida". The lights turned reddish, and kinda dark. The crowds screamed again, and I teared up, totally couldn't believe they were there. Hyde, Tetsuya, Yuki, and Ken. All were so real... Just as real as my own feet (which grew weaker and weaker every passing minute). So, even though I don't really like this song, I still jumped and screamed and swinging my light stick so excitedly. FINALLY!!!!!

The second song was "CHASE", which is one of my favorite from BUTTERFLY. Again, the people were going frenzy, we sang along everytime Hyde said, "I'm chasing you, CHASING YOU!". The rest were in English, so we weren't that familiar... Then the song continued to another rocking one, "GOOD LUCK MY WAY", and the audiences chanted all along one more time.

The fist break came right after that. The music stopped. The stage is getting darker. Suddenly, Hyde was highlighted, and my first thought was, "Wow, he was so......beautiful....and that cherry lips was soooo kissable..." I drooled in my mind. xDD

Hyde's first MC, he said, "Halo, Jakarta," followed with some kisses (OMFG). "Kami... Kami Raruku en Shieru (L'Arc~en~Ciel). Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku? Aku juga. Selamat menikmati. Selamat menikmati." -we are L'Arc~en~Ciel. Are you happy to meet me? Me? Me too. Enjoy, enjoy.-
This made the fans cheered and clapping hands happily, cuz it was wonderful hearing him speaking in our language!

Without taking to much time, he continued to the next song, "Honey", stroking his guitar so sexy, and "DRINK IT DOWN", the song that made me kinda feel like a naughty vampire hahaha...

"REVELATION" came right after that. In this song, the fans went completely crazy, following the very upbeat and rocking song.

The next song was "Hitomi no Jyuunin". For a second, I thought it was going to be Kasou, since it showed some flower petals on the middle screen, but turned out it was HnJ. Hyde, Tetsuya, and Ken sat together in the middle of the stage casually....I cried again listening to this my favorite song of mine being played. Crowds were getting a bit more quiet, listening to this ballads... Really beautiful and emotional...

After that emotional part, L'Arc was getting naughty. They played "XXX ~English Version~" after that. The fans couldn't really sang along, since the lyric was different! xD

"FATE" came after that. And since I also dont really like this song, I won't give much comment. Sorry, but I was expecting Daybreak's Bell... :((

Suddenly, the stage grow darker again, and the drumbeat-marching-band intro played. I screamed. IT WAS "forbidden lover" !!!!!! This one is also my favorite from L'Arc, so I was really glad! For another surprise, Hyde CRIED during this song. OMMMMGGGG, I didn't want to cry, but seeing him being so emotional like that was really contagious. Again, I cried. This time, I took a tissue from my bag and wiped my tears cuz it couldn't be held anymore and my sight blurred.

Ken did his guitar solo after the song finished while the other members rested. His play was amazing, especially since it continued to "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM". OMMMGGGGGG, these boys just wouldn't let us laid back a little, would they? Hahahahha! So the crowds sang along again, pouring down all their feelings and excitement. Yume wo egaku yo... Yume wo egaku yo... Yume wo egaku yo... Our hearts draw a dream...

After this song, it was Ken's turn to MC. This was his "speech", which made all the audiences laugh till our stomach had six packs! xD
See the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsVBYNc8owg (credit to )
 I will never forget this part, especially since Hyde looked so cute when he couldn't play that bamboo flute! LOL.
And BTW Busway Ken-chan, maybe next time I will really consider wearing bikini to the gig. Hahahahha...

"SEVENTH HEAVEN" went right after this MC. People said Ken played with his zipper during this song, up and down, up and down, LOL!! But I didn't see this part, cuz he's too far from my position, and the big screen didn't catch it. *sigh*

"DRIVER'S HIGH" came next. The intro was really easy to recognize, so before Hyde started singing, everybody had jumped and screamed! I guess everyone waited for this song, cuz we wanted to "clash!" and "flash!" together! For suprise, Hyde later gave the part of "mou kazoeru kurai de bokura wa kieusete makkura na asa ga kuru ne, o ki ni iri no fuku ni sae kigaeta nara, kakedashite!" to be sung by the fans. From what I've heard, he NEVER did this before. Sooo proud and happy being Indonesian Cielers! As a bonus, Tetsuya did his bass solo after this song.

The next song was "STAY AWAY". I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! It's a vivacious song to be performed in a concert, so I was like OMG!!! They played it!!! I thought I digested some magic mushrooms or what, cuz I felt high and couldn't stop singing, and especially shouting "maybe happy, maybe happy, I dare say I'm happy" unstoppably! Only Laruku can do this to me, I swear!

Like STAY AWAY didn't enough to amuse the crowd, Hyde screamed, "JAKARTAAAHHH ARE YOU F***IN READY?!!!"
The crowds reaction was deafening! Fireworks blew after "READY STEADY GO" intro, then Hyde shouted "JAKARTAH!" and "JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" so many times, really made us crazy! The song ended with Yukihiro's drum solo. We shouted "OI! OI! OI!" adjusting to his thumps, which was getting faster and faster. HE WAS SO COOL!!!

Yukihiro finished the session before encore. The lights were being turned off. Dark once more. Some people started singing BLESS, but not everyone chanted all along.

Suddenly, after a few minutes passed, the rain sprinkled. I was sure people were worried if the show was delayed, so some people sang "anata"'s chorus......then the lyric showed up on the big screen. Automatically, crowds were singing....and singing....and singing....until the band turned up once more on the stage. Yay!

"anata" was a very special song during this gig. It rained right before the song was performed, but when the song finished, the rain was gone! Like a magic, and so dramatic, and romantic, you mention it! No one will ever forget this "anata".... And for some folks saying that it was a 3D effect, I assure you, it was not. I feel the water hit my skin, and I got a bit wet. Thankfully, it wasn't a heavy one.

The next song coming was something really meaningful to everybody. "The Fourth Avenue Cafe", which can be described as the first song most of Indonesian Cielers have ever heard from the band. I cried again, feeling so thankful to them for singing it....really brought back the memories to when I was in elementary school, watching Rurouni Kenshin every afternoon...

"Link" went after, driving everybody crazy once more. Again, Hyde shouted, "JAKARTAAAHH! JUMP JUMP JUMP!", so we followed his instruction.
Then, as they did so many times before, the song stopped in the middle. Tetchan use this moment to MC. what made us laugh was when he said, "GUA SUJU, DARI KOREA" -I'm SuJu, from Korea-, which getting so much "BOOOOOOOO" from the audience. LOL!
Click here to see the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3SBWApgHWg (credit: )
While Tetsu MC-ing, Hyde sat on the dark, in front of the left big screen. HE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! So I called his name, "HAIIIDDDOOOO, HAIIIDDDOOO", while the others concentrate on Tetchan. I hope he noticed me!!!!! >.<
Link continued right after, with Hyde kept screaming "JUMP JUMP" etc. I haven't eaten anything since 3pm (while it was nearly 10 pm already), and my feet felt like pudding, but I still jumped and swing my light stick with all my will!

And then, everything good must come to and end. Hyde said, "Ini lagu terakhir" - this is the last song- and "NIJI" was played. I remember crying so hard during this song, cuz how can it ended so fast?? I dont want it to end! But whatever it is, we knew it's time to say good bye. The good this is, Hyde said they're going to come again to Indonesia. He said, "Indonesia, kami datang lagi," which actually mean "Indonesia, we come again" but okay, let's said he's gonna visit us again! yay!
The feathers blew, I tried to catch some, but it was quite difficult! hahahha...

Hyde & Tetsu said a lot of "Terima Kasih", then Tetsu threw some bananas, and lollipops, and his banana water gun. So sad I didnt get any of it. Huuu...

And well, that wrapped the concert of the legend.


Susah melukiskan perasaan setelah konser selesai. Saya keluar dari arena konser dengan perasaan menggantung dan merana. Kemudian sekelompok orang sepertinya sedang direkam oleh LArcrew, they were shouting, "PLEASE COME AGAIN! PLEASE COME AGAIN!" so I followed. So sad it had finished. So unbelievable. Two hours that feels like a dream.......

Konser ini sangat berkesan sekali. Konser pertama di Indonesia, dan menurut om Peter Harjani selaku promotor, adalah salah satu crowd terbaik yang pernah dipunyai Laruku, sampai-sampai di backstage Hyde meneteskan air mata terharu. How can we not love them? With marvellous song, incredible performances, strong vocals by Hyde, etc.... This concert will stay in our heart forever.

Bahkan sampe sekarang, masih susah rasanya ngilangin bayang-bayang konser tanggal 2 Mei tersebut. Masih rindu rasanya berada di 'kebun' itu, menyaksikan mereka berempat beraksi dengan instrumen masing-masing...
Hyde yang kelewat cantik & tampan..
Tetsu yang manis & cute...
Ken-chan yang kocak...
Yukihiro yang pemalu tapi gebukan drumnya dahsyat...
They looked so happy during the show...

Please L'Arc~en~Ciel, please come again to Jakarta.....
And thank you for coming this time. We owe you too many happiness... Thank you, thank you...arigato...terima kasih! Love you always!


The song list :
1. Ibara no Namida
4. Honey
7. Hitomi no Jyuunin
8. XXX ~English Version~
9. fate
10. forbidden lover
13. Driver's High
16. anata
17. The Fourth Avenue Cafe
18. Link
19. NIJI


Pictures can be seen from

1. JPOPASIA : http://on.fb.me/IDnANm
2. IROCKUMENTARY : http://bit.ly/JE4Z1E
3. Viva News : http://bit.ly/IF41o1
4. id.omg.yahoo.com : http://bit.ly/JY0D47
5. KapanLagi.com : http://bit.ly/IB65d5
6. Natalie : http://bit.ly/J4mYgm

(credit : L'Arc~en~Ciel Indonesia Group)

The Ghost Named Emancipation

Hari ini tanggal 16 April 2012, yang berarti ga sampai seminggu lagi adalah hari Kartini. Tanggal 21 April menjadi hari yang wajib disyukuri tiap perempuan di Indonesia, karena berkat jasa wanita bersanggul yang bersahaja inilah hak-hak wanita Indonesia bisa ditegakkan.

Tapi apa sih emansipasi itu? Apa pula itu feminisme? Nah, biarpun udah berdekade lewat setelah masanya R.A. Kartini, banyak orang masih memperdebatkan sejauh mana hak-hak yang bisa diperoleh para wanita. Topik ini memang seperti pasal-pasal butut buatan DPR Republik Indonesia, seperti topik telur atau ayam yang duluan ada. Sama aja nggak ada habisnya.

And now I think I need to pinpoint some of my views about this issue..

Kita mulai dengan frase 'persamaan hak', suatu utopia yang hendak dicapai oleh manusia-manusia bernapas demokrasi di dunia ini. Prancis, sejak merdeka sampai sekarang, memiliki semboyan Liberte (kebebasan), Egalite (persamaan), dan Fraternite (persaudaraan). Ketiga semboyan ini kelihatannya begitu agung dan hebat untuk mengangkat nilai-nilai kemanusiaan, terutama setelah Prancis gagal dengan monarki absolutnya. Tapi kalau semboyan Egalite disorot, maka akan kelihatan celah besar yang menganga, karena bagaimana pun, antara satu manusia yang lain akan sulit untuk dipersamakan. Kaum kaya tidak mau disamakan dengan kaum miskin, kaum beragama tidak mau disamakan dengan para kafir. Lantas apa yang harus dipersamakan?

Masalah persamaan ini tidak hanya tentang ekonomi dan kelas-kelas sosial saja, tapi juga antara pria dan wanita, dua makhluk Tuhan yang konon paling sempurna dan sesuai citra-Nya.

Tapi kenapa perempuan-perempuan pada masa lalu diperlakukan sama seperti binatang yang berfungsi untuk melayani? Sebelum emansipasi dan feminisme diteriakkan, perempuan berfungsi utama sebagai media pemberi keturunan (kasarnya untuk ngelahirin anak doank) dan untuk memuaskan nafsu seks para lelaki. Selain itu, perempuan hanya bertugas menjalankan pekerjaan-pekerjaan yang kurang 'mulia' untuk dilakukan oleh lelaki, misalnya memasak, membersihkan dapur dan rumah, mengurus anak, dan sebagainya ketika si lelaki pergi menghabiskan waktu untuk membahas masalah politik, untuk berkuda dan berburu, atau untuk memimpin masyarakat.Posisi wanita, nggak kurang, hanya setingkat pelayan. Pendapatnya sama sekali tidak didengar. Kedudukan dalam hukum pun lebih rendah dari lelaki, dengan keterbatasan untuk melakukan kontrak, dalam hal menerima warisan, dan lain sebagainya.

Lalu akhirnya, sebagai perlawanan terhadap perlakuan yang membatasi hak-hak wanita sebagai manusia inilah, timbul gerakan feminisme. Gerakan ini bisa dikatakan cukup sukses sekarang, terutama di negara-negara yang berlandaskan demokrasi. Untuk negara-negara seperti Arab Saudi dan keroco-keroconya, nggak usah dibahas dulu ya. :)

Sayangnya, sekarang ini, para wanita sering terjebak dalam situasi yang menyalahkan emansipasi itu sendiri. Misalnya dalam situasi bus sedang penuh sesak. Seorang pria sejati akan memberikan tempat duduknya kepada wanita secara sukarela. Namun sekarang, berapa banyak laki-laki, tua maupun muda, yang akan memberikan tempat duduknya kepada wanita di dalam bus yang penuh sesak? Nyatanya tidak banyak, dan mereka beralasan, "Katanya emansipasi? Hak pria dan wanita kan sama. Jadi saya sebagai pria juga berhak duduk dong."

(Menurut saya, cowok seperti contoh di atas ini, sepantasnya merasa malu, karena dia menurunkan kodratnya sendiri menjadi 'makhluk' lemah yang membutuhkan kursi..... )

Selain itu, terkadang ada hal-hal yang sebetulnya bertujuan baik, ingin mengangkat derajat wanita, namun tampaknya kurang tepat. Misalnya penerapan kuota minimal jumlah wakil rakyat perempuan yang duduk di DPR/MPR. Tentu maksudnya baik, mau melibatkan perempuan dalam perpolitikan yang selama ini didominasi oleh lelaki.

Masalah timbul ketika baik pria maupun wanita melupakan tentang kodratnya masing-masing. Seberapapun inginnya wanita menjadi pria, wanita tetaplah wanita, dan vice versa. Gerakan feminisme masa sekarang menurut saya terlalu keras, seakan-akan ingin menjadikan wanita sebagai pria. Sedangkan hal ini membuat banyak pria merasa peran berdasarkan gender telah terbalik, sehingga mereka tidak lagi antusias bertindak sesuai gendernya.

Nah, inilah yang menurut saya sudah melenceng dari emansipasi itu sendiri. Kalau kita ingat pada masa lalu, pria selalu mendapatkan semua yang enak-enak. Pekerjaan enak, gaji enak (karena lebih banyak), suara didengarkan, bisa memiliki istri lebih dari satu, bisa menjadi pemimpin, dan lain-lain. Sementara itu, kedudukan wanita selalu dinomorduakan. Selalu mendapat semua yang tidak enak, ditertawakan manakala mengemukakan pendapatnya (karena dianggap bodoh), tidak dipercaya untuk memimpin, dan lain-lain. Jadi tidak heran sebetulnya kalau wanita ingin agar hak mereka disamakan, agar baik pria maupun wanita bisa merasakan kenyamanan hidup dan penderitaan yang sama sebagai sesama manusia, bukan sebagai dua makhluk yang berbeda.

Bagaimanapun, wanita tetap manusia dengan kondisi fisik dan emosi yang berbeda dari pria. Ada hal-hal tertentu yang memang pada dasarnya haruslah dilakukan oleh pria, dan ada juga yang pada dasarnya harus dilakukan oleh wanita. Nggak bisa kalau dengan emansipasi, maka hal tersebut harus diubah. Karena emansipasi bagaimanapun adalah sebuah cara "mempersamakan hak", bukan suatu cara agar "wanita jadi pria, pria jadi wanita."

Tuhan sudah menciptakan manusia dengan kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing, karena itu kita harus bersyukur dengan setiap keadaan yang sudah kita dapat dan saling melengkapi antara pria dan wanita.



*Tulisan dibuat untuk memperingati hari Kartini, 21 April 2012. Semoga semua wanita di dunia ini bisa berbahagia! You go, girls!*

My Favorite Manga Ever

after considering this for a while, now I'm totally sure if this series is my favorite. Yes, and it is.....



The title of this series is a reference to this haiku:
まこと の はたに
花ごろ も
kaze hikaru
makoto no hata ni
hana goro mo
("Wind shines/around truth's flag/and the symphony of flowers as well")
Notes: This haiku is made by Toshizo Hijikata, the vice-commander of The Shinsengumi

I've been following this series since I'm a freshman in junior high school, and up until now, the story has never been boring. Instead, it's getting more and more interesting each volume (and also more painful). Of course I also read other mangas. I real A LOT of mangas! It starts from Harlem Beat, Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, The Prince of Tea, etc. Lately my favorite series are Kamisama Hajimemashita by Julietta Suzuki, and of course, THIS! Kaze Hikaru (or Flash of Wind, in Indonesia, by Elex Media) by Watanabe Taeko. Kamisama Hajimemashita has been a really enjoyable series, but it still can't beat how beautiful Kaze Hikaru is ^^

Kaze Hikaru is set in the bakumatsu. After her father and older brother are murdered, Tominaga Sei decides to pose as a boy named Kamiya Seizaburo (神谷清三郎?) so that she can join the Mibu-Roshigumi (later known as the Shinsengumi) and avenge their deaths. Trained by Okita Soji, she soon finds herself falling in love with him. The series has been published in Japan by Shogakukan since 1997. In 2003, it won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo. (Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaze_Hikaru)

Most people will compare Kaze Hikaru with Hakuouki, since there are many similarities between the stories. But all I can say is, Kaze Hikaru released first than Hakuouki, and Kaze Hikaru is more than just a story with a lot of gorgeous bishounen (and cheesy heroine). You'll know it if you have read it. And not forget mentioning the history accuracy, because Watanabe Taeko has done an intensive research of Shinsengumi history for this series!

Aside of the history accuracy, this series also has soooo many plus points! The story is sooo good, with the drama, entertaining humours, etc, and the characters are all soo special. And of course, the most important ingredient in shoujo manga, the relationship between Sei and Souji! I can assure you, they both are sooo sweet, they almost feel like real now. *okay, I'm getting kinda freaky here*. But that's just what I feel. How Watanabe Taeko-sensei write them just amazing, and the bond between the male and female protagonist are so strong. 

So, if you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for? Go grab it now!


Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Photos

Rurouni Kenshin live action will come in 2012!! Just see these pics where Sato Takeru acts as Kenshin, The Battousai. He really fits the role. =))




Indonesia vs Malaysia

Malam ini akan ada pertandingan sepak bola Indonesia vs Malaysia. Dan gara-gara itu, sejak seharian ini, timeline twitter gw penuh dengan omongan-omongan macam, "DUKUNG INDONESIA!! MALING PASTI KALAH!!", atau "DUKUNG INDONESIA ATAU MALAYSIA?" dan sebagainya yang menurut gw pasti memancing kobaran 'semangat' orang-orang Indonesia yang membenci Malaysia.

Terlepas dari tingkat nasionalisme yang gw punya, hal ini menurut gw sesuatu yang....kinda unnecessary, and just a waste of time.

Pertama, coba ingat kenapa Indonesia bisa sampai segitunya memusuhi Malaysia. Kita kembali ke pelajaran sejarah, ketika masa-masa Soekarno masih jaya-jayanya sebagai pemimpin negara. Pada masa itu, terjadi konfrontasi dengan Malaysia, entah karena masalah wilayah Sabah, Serawak, Brunei, Malaya, atau masalah masuknya Malaysia sebagai Dewan Keamanan Tidak Tetap PBB.

Salah satu dosen gw (yang sayang sekali gw lupa dosen mana yang bilang tentang ini) pernah cerita. Soekarno pada masa itu ingin meningkatkan persatuan masyarakat Indonesia. Lalu, bagaimana cara terbaik supaya rakyat bisa bersatu? Cara yang terbaik yaitu dengan menciptakan musuh bersama. Dan yang dipilih untuk itu adalah Malaysia.

Ngga heran sampai sekarang, rakyat Indonesia paling sentimen sama Malaysia. Padahal yang nyenggol negara ini kan banyak, ngga cuma Malaysia. Dari segi masalah TKW, ada negara-negara Arab yang juga sama biadabnya dengan Malaysia dalam memperlakukan para pahlawan devisa tersebut. Dari segi perebutan wilayah, Indonesia juga punya konflik dengan Philipina (Kasus Sengketa Pulau Miangas, dll), bahkan Cina, Taiwan, dll...

Tapi kenapa Malaysia yang paling dibenci?

Nah, masalahnya di sini, orang-orang Indonesia memang pada dasarnya banyak yang tidak berpendidikan. Hal ini bukan upaya untuk menjelek-jelekkan bangsa sendiri, lho, tapi memang faktanya begitu. Coba aja lihat tingkat pendidikan sebagian masyarakat Indonesia. Lulus SMP pun rasanya sudah syukur. Belum lagi dari segi tenaga pengajar yang tidak berkualitas, fasilitas serta sarana prasarana yang jelas tidak memadai, bagaimana bisa membuat Indonesia menjadi negara yang pendidikan masyarakatnya tinggi? Dengan tingkat pendidikan yang rendah seperti itu, pada umumnya masyarakat akan mudah tersulut dan terprovokasi. Akibatnya, hal-hal kecil apa pun, entah dimengerti atau tidak dimengerti, selama itu berhubungan dengan Malaysia, akan membuat masyarakat marah.

Memang, tidak bisa dipungkiri kalau banyak sikap negara tetangga kita itu yang menyebalkan, misalnya mengaku-akui kebudayaan Indonesia sebagai budayanya, dan sebagainya. (meskipun masalah perebutan budaya ini merupakan hal yang sebenarnya tak terelakkan di antara dua negara, karena masyarakat Indonesia banyak yang bermigrasi ke Malaysia sambil membawa serta kebudayaan dari daerah asal, sehingga bisa dimaklumi bila banyak budaya Indonesia yang bertumbuh kembang di Malaysia), namun kadang-kadang sentimen ini terasa seperti kebencian yang tiada pangkal, tidak mempunyai tujuan yang jelas, dan hanya untuk memuaskan nafsu kebencian yang dimiliki oleh banyak orang.

Indonesia adalah negara yang besar. Tanpa perlu meneriakkan segala sesuatu mengenai ketidaksukaan pada Malaysia, pun, Indonesia adalah negara yang hebat. Orang-orang sudah mengetahui betapa sesunguhnya negara-negara lain di dunia ini iri dengan kekayaan Indonesia yang melimpah dari ujung Sabang sampai Merauke. Karena itu, tingkah rakyat Indonesia yang begitu dengan mudah tersulut kebencian karena sumber konflik yang 'biasa' antara negara-negara malah justru akan menimbulkan anggapan bahwa masyarakat Indonesia itu masayarakat yang dangkal, gampang disulut kemarahannya. Dan kalau sudah begitu, orang akan menertawakan dan membenarkan sebutan para Malaysia untuk orang Indonesia, yaitu "Indon" (orang bodoh). Masyarakat kita (dan negara kita) akan disebut sebagai perwujudan peribahasa "Air beriak tanda tak dalam."

Gw bisa membayangkan orang Malaysia tertawa di depan komputernya sambil berkata, "Wah, Indon ribut lagi! Berantas korupsi saja tidak bisa, mau menyaingi negara kita! Tong kosong memang nyaring bunyinya!" atau yang sejenis itulah....

Pasti bukan itu, kan, yang kita semua mau? Gw tahu, gw ngerti, kita semua bangga menjadi orang Indonesia. Tapi jangan sampai kebanggaan terhadap negara kita tercinta ini membutakan kita terhadap hal-hal yang sesungguhnya harus kita lakukan untuk memajukan bangsa. Jangan sampai karena sentimen-sentimen terhadap negara tertentu membuat kita melakukan hal-hal yang justru menjatuhkan derajat dan martabat bangsa ini sendiri. Ingat aja, Indonesia negara yang hebat. Ga perlu itu segala omongan penuh kebencian, tweet-tweet yang memancing permusuhan, postingan blog yang menjelek-jelekkan malaysia (atau bahasanya yang lucu itu, dibandingkan bahasa Indonesia).

Just stay cool, and show them what we can do!

P.S : I am so dissapointed in Indonesia's new travel slogan, "Indonesia, wonderful Asia". Oh, Gosh, that is so similar with Malaysia's "Truly Asia", isn't it?! So, I am suggesting another slogan for our lovely country, which is "INDONESIA, THE ASIA IN YOU!"
Don't ask me why. It just feels great in my heart. Ha!

Kaze Hikaru Spoilers!

Thank you for http://hajimenokizu.tumblr.com/ who'd posted this!!

Check it out, Kaze Hikaru Chapter 166 cover, here

There's also a link to a very MAJOR SPOILERS posted at the link above, so if you're curious, go check it out immediately!

But GOSH, Kaze Hikaru is too sweet a story! It's one of my favorite manga of all time! I think Watanabe Taeko-sensei has done really amazing work for this series..

Okita and Sei are just....too adorable.

The problem is, Kaze Hikaru is a story based on a real history. On one side, I am really curious about how this series will end, but yet at the same time we all know how tragic Shinsengumi had ended. Isami Kondou was beheaded, Hijikata died in a war few years later, and...and...Okita Souji died because of fucking tuberculosis. Those facts make me really, really sad. So please, please, Watanabe Taeko-san, please DON'T KILL Okita!! It's your manga, you don't need to actually follow everything on history. I mean, that would really BREAK my heart if Souji is dead in the end!! TT^TT

Oh, I hope I know Watanabe Taeko-san fan mail address, so I could say this directly to her. It's depressing!

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